1. Where is Prime International Located?

Prime International FZCO is located in the Middle East. You can reach us on the 38th Floor, Media One Hotel – Office Tower, Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates.

2. What are the services offered by Prime International?

We offer Paper brokerage, print and Packaging Support and Consultancy support for the printing and packaging industry

3. How can I contact you?

You can contact us by dialling 971585340267 / +971585801263 / +96879602424 or by sending us a mail at info@primeinternationalgulf.com or sales@primeinternationalgulf.com

5. Do you offer service to small and large businesses?

We offer service to all businesses. We are specialised in coordinating large projects involving multiple vendors. We assure excellent quality products, quick and efficient deliveries and cost savings methods to all clients.

6. What is a print management service?

Print management service supports the client in controlling and managing all printing and packaging activities. The print management team will manage projects, like printing, proofing, stock management and distribution on behalf of the client.

7. Why should I choose your company for print management service?

Prime International has a dedicated team to manage your commercial print and packaging services. We also offer management support for non-printed packaging. We also support printed apparel and promotional gifts.

8. What are the services coming under paper brokerage?

Paper Consultant service helps in cutting down the cost of the company. We negotiate with the paper mills and assure quality products at the lowest prices. We recommend paper mills based on the quality of paper and price and assure you the best match of product for your print and packaging needs.

9. How does Prime International's paper brokerage service help us?

We have a dedicated team to represent your requirements and demands before the papermills. We always work to source the highest quality products and assure lowest paper price to help our clients.

10. What is a consultancy service?

Consultancy service is a professional service that helps in the planning, implementation and improvement of a business. An expert team from the industry analyses the business, scope and competitors and prepares an action plan, suggestions and recommendations for improving the business.

11. Why should I approach Prime International for consultancy service?

Prime International has an expert industry analyst team that is capable of preparing an action plan for the development of the print and packaging business. Our team has years of experience in the industry and this is sure to help the business in its development and make a real difference.