Prime International FZCO

A Middle-East based consultancy and brokerage business. Prime International FZCO, is a familiar name in the print, packaging and paper industry. Launching our business aiming to help printing, packaging and paper businesses grow beyond the horizon, Prime International FZCO bridges the gap between paper mills, the printing industry and packaging businesses.

A leading player in organizing large scale projects Prime International is known for our teamwork to coordinate multiple vendors for the smooth run of the business operations. A dedicated team, we strive to ensure the availability of papers at an affordable rate for the efficient operation of the printing industry. We have a good network of paper mills and, hence, assure the availability of multiple vendors for the completion of every project. Prime International guarantees timely delivery of raw materials and cost reduction support to our clients.

The worldwide operation of the company helps the clients to get Printing Materials,Packaging Management Services and other assistance at an affordable rate. We are a brokerage service that focuses on the growth and benefit of our clients. The coordination of multiple vendors assures an uninterrupted supply of materials and the best quality of the products

The 35 years of experience have helped us climb the ladder of success and build an expanded network capable of playing a significant role in extending comprehensive support to the users. Established to assurePaper Brokerage and other supports at highly competitive prices, we always guarantee trusted service to our clients.

What has elated Prime International as the top-rated paper brokerage and consultancy support in the UAE is the national wide network of trusted suppliers.

We don’t have a factory, press, stock or operatives. Thus, our interest is to assure your products are at the lowest prices.

We stand for our clients and negotiate with the suppliers for you. The best discounts and offers will benefit you as we negotiate with our suppliers. We help our clients to focus on their key operations and stop shifting their focus toward material procurement.

No individual supplier can provide the best quality, service and value in all areas, but Prime International can use a combination of suppliers to deliver the best value for your requirements.

We were established with the aim of providing highly competitive prices for every type of requirement. We have over 35 years of experience dealing with the Paper andPrint Management industry and are continually keeping pace with the many technical and innovative advancements.




We have established a nationwide network of tried and trusted suppliers, each with their own particular area of expertise. We know the best place to source every possible type of job.

We have no factory, no presses, no stock, no operatives, so our overheads are small, which helps in keeping our prices to you at the lowest.

Our purchasing power allows us to negotiate the best of trade discounts enabling us to give you the most competitive prices.

At Prime International we take on the stress and pressure from you which means you can concentrate on your core business.