print management

Print management is basically whereby a company would be in control of and manage your Printing and Packaging. This would involve managing your projects, such as finishing, printing, proofing, stocking, distributing and anything else that you may need us to do for you.

A reason why you might need the help of print management companies is due to the fact that you may be unintentionally overspending on your print and they could help you make a significant saving. Subsequently, organizing your print requirements may be an important job but not at the top of your list.

Therefore hiring print management companies can also save you a lot of time to help you focus on more important matters.

Think of us as Print Project Managers within your marketing team

At Prime International we can manage your commercial print, packaging and we also specialize in non-printed packaging which is often overlooked but just as important. We can even provide printed apparel and promotional gifts.