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Prime International is a firm situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that engages in Paper Trading to help companies for sourcing paper for commercial and other uses. The team engages in the trading and delivery of first-quality papers, boards, and other packaging and printing materials.

A leading Paper Trader, Prime International is a paper and board trader and supplier to printers and packers both in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. A team of strategists is on board to meet all buyer and trader criteria with the best possible outcome, including quality items, professionalism, and promptness. Each member of the team is committed to establishing a centralised network of commercial transactions between consumers and other sources.

Prime International is backed by infrastructure that facilitates efficient coordination and transportation and this has helped us as a Paper Trading support in UAE. It is unquestionably a dependable, consistent, and reputable firm with a good financial and operational history. Prime International provides and delivers all types of papers and printing materials in rolls, sheets, or custom sizes, depending on the needs of the customer. Though the digital world is gaining grip over print, the paper continues to play a vital part in the digital age, with this ubiquitous substance being utilised for a variety of reasons on a daily basis all over the world. In fact, the annual global production of paper and cardboard exceeds 400 million metric tonnes. Packaging paper and board are the most commonly produced types of paper, with demand increasing in recent years as a result of the internet shopping boom. The United State and China are the world's two largest paper-producing countries. Although paper production in the USA has been decreasing in recent decades, it has on the other hand soared in China and has reached to reach a peak of 117 million metric tonnes in 2020. This was about twice as much as the United States produced that year. This increasing trend is still continuing.

Due to changes in consumer behaviour and growing digitalisation, the paper sector has undergone significant transformations in recent decades. According to the figures available, newsprint accounted for 12% of global paper and paperboard output just 20 years ago. However, the switch to digital media platforms has indirectly resulted in a slight drop in the demand for newsprint. On the contrary, the demand for paper packaging has prospered in the digital age with the spurt of e-commerce business. Printing and packaging requirement has witnessed a surge of over 30 per cent in the last decade.

The need for paper has been increasing for decades. It has been steadily rising due to increased demand and an increase in the number of corporations and industries. As a result of the increased economic growth, there will be a significant increase in paper consumption in the future as well.

Prime International is involved in large-scale and medium-scale projects for the paper industry. We've developed strong ties with the paper industry's leading souks, which has aided us to emerge as a top-rated Paper Trader UAE in providing seamless service to our clients.