Print management is basically whereby a company would be in control of and manage your Printing and Packaging This would involve managing your projects, such as finishing, printing, proofing, stocking, distributing and anything else that you may need us to do for you.

A reason why you might need the help of print management companies is due to the fact that you may be unintentionally overspending on your print and they could help you make a significant saving. Subsequently, organizing your print requirements may be an important job but not at the top of your list.

Therefore hiring print management companies can also save you a lot of time to help you focus on more important matters.

Think of us as Print Project Managers within your marketing team

At Prime International we can manage your commercial print, packaging and we also specialize in non-printed packaging which is often overlooked but just as important. We can even provide printed apparel and promotional gifts.


Paper brokerage is a service we offer that could help you significantly reduce costs. Paper can account for half the cost of printed materials adding a large % to your overall expense.

By negotiating directly with top paper mills on your behalf, we can make the cost of paper transparent, and ensure you’ll get quality printing paper at a competitive price. That saves significant amounts on your overall print program.

Because we are an independent paper broker, we offer complete objectivity on mill recommendations. Couple that with our access to paper mills, and we can bring you the best value, the widest grade selection, and the best match for your print and packaging communications.

Think of us as an extension of your team who can deliver value and savings

We dedicate ourselves to the principle of representing both the paper mills and customers in a fair and equitable manner. Our primary goal has been to deliver value and savings by sourcing or developing the highest quality products that meet our clients’ needs.


Prime International offer a consulting service where our years of industry expertise can make a real difference to your business.

Our consultants are dedicated to helping like-minded people in our industry to succeed. Our team comes from various backgrounds and cultures and have overcome most issues we see in our industry today.

Sometimes we all have difficult periods and, despite our own expertise and hard work, we need outside help. Just having that other point of view from someone outside your business often helps resolve the issue at hand.

Think of us problem solvers and solution finders

We can advise and help you with sales management, human resources, operational issues, quality reviews (even ISO accreditation through our partners), factory moves and machinery sales and purchases.